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Travel grant for developers - GoOpen Arctic Forum 2013

NUUG Foundation is announcing a travel grant to support developers travelling to the event GoOpen Arctic Forum 2013, taking place in Tromsų, Norway on March 5, 2013. Maximum of 50,000 Norwegian Kroner is allocated for this stipend.

Who can apply?

Developers coming to the conference on their own time and expense (i.e. not paid by their employer).

What expenses are covered?

The following expenses can be covered unless they are covered by another party: Conference fees, travel expenses, accommodations, depending on receipts and the least expensive mode of travel and accommodations.


Please apply via email to the GoOpen organizing committee at christer@friprog.no, stating your reason to apply and the estimated costs. Applications should be sent no later than February 28, 2013.

Application processing

Applications are decided on by the Board of the NUUG Foundation, on the basis of recommendations from the GoOpen arrangement committee. The board reserves the right to refuse any application, also in the case that the total amount allocated is not used.


The payment is made only after a report from the conference has been submitted and approved. The grant is paid out after the event based on actual travel expenses. The funding will not be prepaid. Preferably send the report and the expense claim together.

Legitimated expenses are covered up to the allotted amount of the support amount which can be the same or lower than stated in the applicant's budget. Please note that meals are not covered, neither as a separate expense with receipts or as part of a subsistence allowance. The one exception is breakfast at a hotel when it is included in the room price. More detailed information about travel expense claims can be found in the procedure.


The NUUG Foundation assumes no employer role in relation to the grant-recipient. Travel insurance should be signed and is not covered by the grant. It is the recipient's responsibility to document the grant and expenses to tax authorities. (The grant will normally be tax free, but will be reported by the NUUG Foundation as a "tax free travel allowance.")

The report

The requirement to submit a report is based on the desire to disseminate knowledge acquired through participation in the conference and thereby inspire others to go deeper in their field, to learn about special projects, to become acquainted with lecturers, or to participate in other similar events later. For the NUUG Foundation the report is important for evaluating the effect of the grant and for spreading information about the Foundation's work. The report will be published on the NUUG Foundation webside.

Scope and format

The report should be a minimum of one A4 page (approximately 800 words) and not more than 4 pages. It can be delivered as a plain text file, or formatted completely and delivered in HTML or PDF format. In both cases we reserve the right to change the layout to make the content available as best as possible. The report and the travel expenses should not be combined in the same document.


The bulk of the report should be about the academic or technical content of the conference. It should focus on the part that one is most interested in and there is no need to give a complete picture of everything that happened at the conference. The report should not include copies of the conference program, articles, or excerpts (but feel free to include links to such information.)

The report should include at least one interview with a conference speaker, or with representatives of the host organization. Outside of the academic content, the report can also include something about other aspects of the trip, such as the location, transportation, or social events. The report should end with a conclusion that summarizes how you have benefited from participation, and this should be related to the reasons that you gave in the application.

It is recommended to use images in your report. However, be careful about the copyrights on the images. It is best to make use of your own photos.


The report must be submitted in either Norwegian or English. If other languages are used, include a Norwegian or English translation.


The NUUG Foundation reserves the rights to publish the report on its website and to include it in electronic or printed publications. In all other repects, the author retains all rights to the text. It is recommended to include a license clause that describes how the text can be used by others, eg. based on a Creative Common license.