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Project Selection Policy

The NUUG Foundation is considering five categories of activities for its possible support:

  1. stimulating an open infrastructure by subsidizing and/or co-sponsoring software development projects;
  2. stimulating dissemination and exchange of knowledge about software technology by means of co-sponsoring and/or co-organizing conferences, workshops and contests;
  3. stimulating open infrastructure development by software development under its own control;
  4. stimulating advanced scientific research into software technology, in cooperation with universities;
  5. stimulating open infrastructure knowledge development and knowledge exchange by (co-)sponsoring exchange programs between universities and research institutes.

For each project to be supported or to be undertaken, the following basic conditions should hold:

  1. the project will result in development, improvement or better application of computing or network (internet) technology;
  2. all results of the project will be made freely available to the community ("Open Source");
  3. the project's results will be presented, if possible, at a suitable national or international conference.

Projects with these characteristics will be further considered by the board of The NUUG Foundation, with or without consultation of external advisors. The final decision with respect to the award of support to a project will always be up to the The NUUG Foundation, in other words: even if a project satisfies all of the above general characteristics, this does not imply any guarantee for a positive final decision.

To submit a project for consideration, or to discuss possible submissions with the board, send email to post at nuugfoundation.no

[This is a translation of the policy as decided by the board on 17.12.2001.]