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Formatting and submission of expense claims with attachments

The allocation and payment of support to private persons is normally done in the form of reimbursement of documented expenditures, for example in a travel expense claim form. Organizations or companies may send invoices, if this has been agreed upon.

Create a cover page based on this template (which can be opened and edited with Libre Office or OpenOffice.org). Fill in your name, address, purpose, account number for transferring money and one line per expense item with reference to the corresponding attachments. Each receipt or ticket should have a number clearly written on it and that number should also be written on the spreadsheet.

If a single entry in the spreadsheet has more than one attachment (such as a ticket and a receipt), they should be given the same number. All amounts in foreign currencies should be converted to Norwegian kroner (NOK). The exchange rate can either be the rate when the table is made and sent (which can be found on the Bank of Norway website), or the exchange rate can be that which was used for currency exchange or the rate on the credit card statement. As an alternative to our form, you may use the travel expense form from the Norwegian government or a travel expense form that a company uses. Remember that we don't provide subsistence allowances based on the government's rates, but we just refund documented expenses up to the limit of what is awarded.

Special about flights: The boarding cards must be attached in original. This is to document that the trip has taken place.

Attachments that are not in an A4 format should be pasted onto A4 sheets. Small pieces of paper can be pasted together on the same sheet of paper, but make sure that each receipt or ticket is numbered.

Check the total amount, enter the place and date and print out the spreadsheet. Then sign it. The entire stack (including the front page with the signature) should be scanned and sent to us as a PDF-file in an attachment to an email. We do no longer need the originals sent to us by post. Please keep the originals for the event of a later control.