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The policy document describes how projects are selected.

This overview describes projects that are granted support, either on an ongoing basis over several years, or as a one-time grant. Only projects that have received a grant are mentioned, not all applications.

Ongoing Projects

Travel Grant for students

NUUG Foundatian has established a Travel Grant for students. Applications may be accepted at any time.

Travel stipend for students at HIOA to LISA conference

Studenter at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HIOA) receive support to travel to the LISA conference held by USENIX every autumn in the USA. Allocation and payment is via HIOA. See their reports: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.


The project Skolelinux (Debian Edu) has over the years recieved support covering project management, developer gatherings and commercialization of operation support services.

The NUUG/HIOA award for free software

NUUG Foundation is a main sponsor for the award and grants the award money and covers expenses for the award dinner and some travel expenses inn connection to the ceremony. After a two year break, the price will once again be awarded in 2012.

Reverse chronological overview

OSDC Nordic 2015

Open Source Developers' Conference will be held in Oslo on 8-10 May 2015. NUUG Foundation supports the conference with 100 000 NOK.

April 2014: Support to the Maarifa project.

The project was run by the The Norwegian Open Source Competence Center and was focusing on: pilot with programming and use of free software and open content rescources in developing countries. The grant was: 95 000 kroner. The Project Report (in Norwegian only) gives more detail.

March 2013: Travel grant for participants to GoOpen 2013.

A grant was announced for developers and others wanting to participate in GoOpen in Tromsø (northern Norway) who could not travel on their eployer's cost. Two stipends were granted, resulting in two reports (in Norwegian only).

Oktober 2012: Holder de ord - support for activities and premises

Holder de ord was awarded support to cover costs for their meeting place and the monthly hackatons for the period up to the big campaign starts in May 2012.

May 2012: Moving to Moose Hackathon 2012

Oslo Perl Mongers receive support to arrange "Moving to Moose" hackathon in the mountains of south west Norway in August 2012.

April 2012: Open Legislative Data Conference

Holder de ord receives support to participate in Open Legislative Data Conference i Paris 6.-7. juli 2012. This is their report (in Norwegian) from the conference.

April 2012: Oslo.pm hackathon

Oslo Perl Mongers receive support to arrange "Perl 6 Patterns" hackathon in Oslo in April 2012.

February 2012: Hackeriet 2 years

Hackeriet celebrates its 2 years birthday with a full day event in Oslo on 2012-02-11. NUUG Foundation supports the event with 10 000 NOK.

November 2011: DrupalCamp 2011

We have signed up as Gold Sponsor of DrupalCamp 2011 taking place in Oslo on the 19th November 2011.

August 2010: Kaizendo presentasjon på YAPC::EU 2010

Travel grant for one person to present the Kaizendo project at Europe' biggests Perl-konference, YAPC::EU, and gain participants to the project. The report.

May 2010: Kaizendo development gathering

Travel grant for three persons having a gathering on Iceland in the occation of starting the Kaizendo project. A report has been created.

2010: Multimedia standards

NUUG foundation supports Østfold University College with slightly more than 100 000 NOK for running a project to develop open multimedia standards.

February 2010: FOSDEM 2010 participation

Travel grant to Salve J. Nilsen who took part with a talk about his new project Kaizendo on FOSDEM 2010. Read his report (in Norwegian only).

Autumn 2007: Koha translation

The project of translating the library system Koha into Norwegian was granted 15000 NOK. The grant was paid after the completion of the project in May 2009.

Mai 2003: Debconf and Debcamp

A grant was given the conferences debconf and debcamp, held in Oslo July 2003.

Februar 2003: GStreamer conference

Support was granted the conference for developers of the GStreamer multimedia development platform.

December 2002: GMANE

The GMANE project was granted support up to 70 000 NOK for the upgrade of their harware platform.